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What is Mortgage Protection?

Mortgage Protection is a life insurance policy that pays off your mortgage in the event of death, be it your own or that of a partner in the mortgage. A number of factors, such as your age and medical history, are taken into account when calculating your premium.

Generally speaking, you must have Mortgage Protection to get a mortgage loan.

Here are some standard features of this kind of policy:

  • Cheaper for younger people.
  • Fixed premium for the duration.
  • Lenders often take an assignment (i.e. the benefits are passed to the lender as part of their security requirements).
  • Insurer will pay off the amount outstanding on your mortgage at the time of death.

For anyone looking to pick up a mortgage for their home, it pays to invest in mortgage protection. Mortgage protection investments make it much easier to have that required peace of mind should anything go wrong in life. This is why, with our easy to use mortgage insurance calculator, you can work out what you would be paying for MPI today.

As the mortgage is one of the largest investments that you make in your lifetime, protecting and securing that investment makes a lot of sense. The world is fluid, including the world of work. This can mean that employment prospects will change with little time to react: this could mean putting yourself in a precarious situation financially.

If you would like to get around that issue, we recommend that you take a look at a mortgage income protection program. This is a very useful means of protecting your mortgage from being taken away from you should you not be able to make payments for any legitimate reason.

You could pick up joint mortgage protection insurance, too, offering you that extra stability and peace of mind. Whatever your choice, you will find that both life and mortgage protection insurance make worthwhile investments. If you were to run without this kind of mortgage protection, you would find that your mortgage would be at risk of repossession if you could not meet payments.

With the help of mortgage redundancy cover, though, you can make sure that such problems need not become an issue. Now, if you find that your job is under threat, you can make sure that your mortgage payments are covered thus giving you the time that you need to find a new employment opportunity.

Safeguard your investment with mortgage protection insurance

By using our simple to use mortgage insurance calculator, you can see what you would likely need to pay for protection. This gives you all the help that you need to keep things safe and simple whilst offering the extra peace of mind and protection that you need to your family.

Taking risks with something as important as your mortgage is very dangerous. With the help of our mortgage protection insurance advice, you can get quality cover at a price you can afford. The risk of not being covered to protect your mortgage could leave you in a very dangerous situation: so let us help you today.

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